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February 20 2017

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You say that you are left-oriented on ethical grounds. The problem is that the Overton window has been pushed so hard to the left during its cultural reign in the West in the last decades, that egalitarianism has become a centre-right ideology. Left-leaning parties have become married to the "oppressive establishment" and turned into a circus of virtue-signalling middle- and upper-middle class cunts who look down on the (white) working class as "backwards immoral plebs" who need to be controlled. This mindset was best visible during the last year's US presidential run, where working class elected a plutocrat who lives in a gilded fucking tower. The "left" candidate (I have to put the quotation mark there, because imo neither party can be described as either left or right, because they are both ZOG :^)) kept calling the working class "deplorables", because they opposed the influx of cheap labour from abroad which does terrible damage to their living standards. Much the same can be seen in Europe, where left-aligned parties openly welcomed the influx of third-world migrants which victimized the native working class by driving down the wages, sapping the welfare system and turning working-class neighbourhoods into little Mogadishus. Is there a left-leaning party in the first world which openly opposes globalism, zionism and feminism - ideologies which victimize the worker?
I understand your sentiment, I was a leftie for most of my life. Then around 2010, after the Smoleńsk debacle, I shifted to Western media for news to avoid the shit-show. I was still aligned with leftist narratives, but getting into the Western politics showed me that the Left there is not really what I would call it. I always identified myself as the same kind of leftist as my great-grandfather who belonged to the Polish Socialist Party and fought for Polish independence after the first world war. A man who simply wants to work towards good life for his family, better future for his children and strength and security for his nation. But what does the Western Left want? Multiculturalism. Dissolution of nation states. Acceptance of promiscuity and sexual deviance. Destruction of traditional family. Putting the strain of keeping hostile societal parasites alive on the welfare system which was won with blood of the nation's workers! For a long time I thought that this rot did not affect the Polish left, but then I popped out from the Western media bubble onto home turf and I was petrified. I supported Razem from its inception but when I tried to refute some of the feminist bullshit they started putting on social media, I was attacked for being a misogynist scum and was laughed at for believing that we should strive for a meritocratic society. And then there was the damn presidential debate where the question of accepting migreys came up. Every candidate presented a reserved stance, and when it came to (((Zandberg))), I was praying he wouldn't fuck it up. When he went full multiculti and embarrassed himself falling for the obvious trap, it was probably the straw that broke the camel's back. I understood that political left has become inherently anti-worker, and by extension, anti-me. That and several other events put me on a slippery slope towards nationalism, fascism and moral puritanism - ideologies which I see as currently beneficial for the working class. The corruption of the left that you see as being potentially reversible, I think that it is not. The purity spiraling that currently goes on inside it (even sodomites are leaving left in droves, as they realized that they are lower on the progressive stack than the brown people who throw them off tall buildings! Dave Rubin being one to openly love poopdick showed he still something left of the basic survival instinct when he "Left the Left" and embraced Gay Old Pedophiles) will eventually lead to its demise and make a possibility for rebirth, but before that, if you do not want to victimize the working class, you have to make a turn right *shniff, shniff*. If you want to see left restored to what it was, you should accelerate its downfall rather than do damage control.

And you should make peace with the fact that communist regimes were leftist. A result of hard-left ideology combined with natural human tendencies towards forming of a ruling class. Moreover, you still have leftists in the West saying that commies dindu nuffin, had they achieved the same influence as Bolsheviks and their sort, they would commit the same exact crimes, but maybe now with straight white men as kulaks.
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February 19 2017

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Plus ca change. 

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tfw computers open atm
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--DanielaKayB on Twitter *
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